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Where Soul meets Strategy to create the Wildly Successful Business you know exists in your Heart

Hello and Welcome to our community of Spiritual CEO's,

Are you a woman with a deep spiritual calling, seeking to deepen your connection with the Angels, expand your mediumship abilities and establish a thriving spiritual business?

If you're ready to embark on an exciting journey of co-creation, manifesting success, and unlocking the potential for $5,000 in monthly revenue, you've found the perfect space.

Perhaps this also sounds like you?

• You often feel lost and somewhat disconnected while struggling to find peace.

• You struggle to find clients and the momentum of growth you desire.

• Your financial and emotional needs often go unmet by the Universe

• You've tried everything to create the success you desire and still keep feeling like your not getting the results you want.

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if things were like this instead?

Attracting your clients felt easy.

You felt on purpose with your mission.

And Money loved you.

Only for it to get better when

You trusted in your ability to create the success you desire.

You feel inSpired and to support others facing the same challenges you have been through.

You acted on your daily Angel guidance without doubt.

There is No Stopping you when we take everything to a whole new level!

Align your Business with your Soul Purpose through the power of Angelic Realm.

Heal your Relationship with Money

Learn Money breakthrough strategies

Become Visible being Authentically You

Learn to Attracting Clients and Money with ease.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

Hello friend, I'm Kerrie Wearing

And I have been where you are at lovely. In fact, I have spent the last 25 years walking with Spirit to develop Mediumship and gain a deep understanding of how the Soul manifests with the Universe.

Not only do I want to share all of that with you, I also want to support you to make money from being of service with Spirit and the Angels. Like me, I know you have a deep desire to help others and want to make a difference in this world. Yet the challenge is how do you do that when perhaps you are not even sure what your purpose is right now or you keep hitting that invisible brick wall. Believe me, I know it well.

This is why I know I can help and support you.

Essentially, there were 4 things that made all the difference for me and lead me to finally start seeing the growth in my business I had held in my heart for over 15 years.

🔮 Living with the power of the Divine Feminine

🔮 Attuning to the very specific vibration of Money (Abundance alone won't do it)

🔮 Serving with the presence and support of the Angels

🔮 Creating a foundational financial structure in my business

All of which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Angel Messenger CEO Society!

Our membership community is designed for spiritual entrepreneurs like yourself who want to connect with like-minded people, receive guidance and support from experienced mentors, and grow your business with ease and joy.

Each month, I guide and support you along the pathway to creating your 5k Roadmap for your Spiritual Business that is a collaboration with the Angels.

This collaboration inspires alignment with your Divine Purpose and the abundance that is naturally yours. All you need do is lean in to your relationship with the Angels and unlock this powerful form of manifesting. There is no holding back when you combine this guidance with my Soulful feminine business strategies that will allow your business to grow with ease.

Stage 1

The Awakening

Cleanse and Reset

Begin by acknowledging your current state and exploring your relationship with money. This initial stage focuses on shifting your mindset, creating a foundation for your transformative journey.

Stage 2

Divine Connection

Mediumship Unveiled

Deepen your connection with the spiritual realm, exploring your innate mediumship abilities. This stage lays the groundwork for understanding your unique soul purpose through a relationship with the Angels.

Stage 3

Craft Your Sacred Offering

Crafting Opportunity

As your Spiritual abilities flourish, it's time to lay the foundations for a soul-aligned business. Explore multiple revenue streams that align with your spiritual gifts and create a platform for sharing your unique offerings.

Stage 4

Radiate Joy and Abundance

The Joygasm effect

Manifest practices to enhance your sense of joy, strengthen your spiritual connections, and increase abundance. This stage not only enriches your spiritual experience but also nurtures the growth of your thriving business.

Stage 4

Financial Freedom Through Spirituality

Conscious Abundance Mastery

Attain financial freedom through conscious manifesting. Embrace the interplay of spirituality and prosperity, ensuring that your business aligns with your spiritual values while prospering

Here’s what you’ll get when you become a member:

Every month, you'll dive deep into one of the five dynamic phases, receiving exclusive coaching content that propels your journey to success and spiritual growth. From cleansing and resetting to living with Freedom, Kerrie will guide you through each transformative stage. You'll gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and personal support to manifest your dreams, strengthen your mediumship, and build a spiritually-aligned business, all while working toward a steady $5,000 monthly revenue. It's your monthly ticket to empowerment.


2 x Live Coaching calls each month

~ 2 x Spirit Circles

Value: $600


Video Training Programs

A growing library of Video training programs supporting you with your connection to Spirit, Manifesting the Feminine way and creating success in your Spiritual Business.

Value: $1000


Your Marketing Toolkit

Done-for-you Social Media Templates, Journals, Planners and Affirmations cards that you can rebrand, sell and use to support your clients and grow your business

Value: $1200


Supporting Resources

Meditations, audios and workbooks to support your Angel Messenger and business journey.

Value: $250


Share Your Expertise

Grow your business with the opportunity to share your knowledge, be visible and collaborate. Be supported with your Business ventures!

Value: $1000


Private Community Support

Lifetime access to support via

private online community

Value: $1000

But more than that, you'll be part of a sisterhood of women who share your vision and values.

You'll have the opportunity to connect with kindred spirits, make new friends, and learn from each other's experiences.

Our community is rooted in the principles of feminine leadership, which means that we value collaboration, intuition, empathy, and vulnerability. We believe that when women come together to support each other, anything is possible.

If you're ready to step into your power as a spiritual entrepreneur, we invite you to join us. Whether you're focussed on deepening your connection with Spirit, just starting out with your business or you're already running a successful business, you'll find the support and guidance you need to take your vision to the next level.

Our membership community is not just a place to learn and grow, but also a space to heal and transform. We believe that entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual awakening, and we're committed to supporting you on every step of your journey.

Join us today and become part of a community that celebrates your unique gifts and empowers you to create a life and business that you love. We can't wait to welcome you!

A total value of: $5147

Join now for just


A total value of: $5147

Add 1:1 VIP Monthly Coaching




What people are saying about working with Kerrie

"I have recently completed a mentorship program with Kerrie. The experience was invaluable, the spiritual growth I've had after working with her has been amazing. She is generous with her time, knowledge and genuinely cares about her clients.

I'm excited to continue working with her in the future."

~ Mel De Roit, Hawkesbury NSW

"Kerrie has the ability to create a very welcoming and down to earth environment for the exploration of all things intuition, empathic sensitivities and mediumship."

~ C Rosas, Sutherland Shire NSW

“My new found confidence and trust, not only in myself but also Spirit comes down to Kerrie and the way she teaches. I highly recommend Kerrie’s mentorship programs. It doesn’t matter where you are at on your journey as she will simply guide and support you into your next chapter.”

~ Trish Horsman, Sth Australia

Here’s what you will learn with this program:


Invoke & Activate a Deeper

Relationship with the Angels

With a focus on serving others, activating your relationship with the Angels in a very practical way to unlock the healing you need to begin seeing results straight fast.


Access Daily Guidance & Strengthen

your Intuition and Connection to Spirit

Expand your Mediumship, develop confidence in your Spiritual abilities and gain tools and strategies for accessing the guidance and intuition, when you need it.


Align with the Unique Soul Purpose

of your Business

Stand out from the Sea of Sameness by deepening your Soul Purpose and claiming

your Niche.


Craft your Vision

Let's Dream big, inSpired by your Angels and plan success with Intuitive Action


Increase your Money Flow

Heal your Relationship with Money

and attune to the Vibration of Money with

Money Breakthrough Strategies


Elevate with Love

More than mindset, learn how to flow with love and clear those Money blocks with ease.


Manifesting for Success -

the Feminine Way

5 pillars of Feminine Manifesting

Manifesting with the Moon

The Soul of your Manifestation


Create Opportunity for the Universe

to Deliver

Establish your Foundations

~Revenue Streams



Authentic Marketing

How to attract your Soulmate Clients

and create Visibility that feels like you.


Grow & Scale your Business

Work with inSpiration and practical Sales Strategies to grow your business


Allowing Yourself to Receive

Heal and Open Yourself up to receive all the Wealth you deserve guided by your Angels.

Inside the Angel Messenger CEO Society, you will find a safe and sacred space to share your ideas, ask for feedback, and receive inspiration and encouragement from our community of wise women. We believe that entrepreneurship can be a spiritual path, and that by sharing our Spiritual abilities and following our intuition, we can create a world that reflects our deepest values.

Sign up and Receive these Bonuses

Angel Messenger Certification

  • 8 weeks of Q&A and Video lessons

  • 2 meditations

  • Angel Magic Certification workbook

  • Angel Magic Messages from the Angels journal

Become a Certified Angel Messenger

Value $97.00


Collaboration with Spirit to channel the Wisdom

Learn Midjourney to design your Artwork

How to use Canva for your Card decks and more

What you need to know about printing and where to print.

Included Extras:

Oracle Deck Creation Planner

Affirmation and Oracle card Deck Templates

Value $97.00

Join now for just


Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you sign and you’re not satisfied here is what I'll offer you...

Receive a full refund, no questions asked if you choose to cease your membership in the first 7 days.


Where are our coaching sessions held?

All of your sessions will be held via Zoom with all sessions streamed for replay purposes to our private FB community.

When are the coaching sessions held?

Each month during AEST business hours. Times are rostered to accommodate different time zones.

Who is this membership for?

Whether you are just getting started with your connection to Spirit or have been in business for years, this membership will support you to create a deeper relationship with the Angels to align deeper with you Divine Soul Purpose and/or the create the business transformation to success you desire including healing your relationship with Money. I've travelled that road and love to support others to create success with their Spiritual businesses.

What happens if I need to cancel?

You can cancel anytime. Just send an email via our contact us page here. Your membership will cease at the end of your current month. Look out for your confirmation email.

What currency is this?

All costings are in Australian Dollars

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